Abundance. Sweet, sweet abundance.

Quantum Physics.  Lesson One.

I had to take physics in college.  I hated it.  With a passion.  More than 20 years later and I am still complaining.  Don’t get me started on O-Chem.

This lesson will be brief.  According to Quantum Physics, we create the world we exist in with our thoughts.  I have no idea how that actually works scientifically, and my guess is that I would have needed several more years of college level physics to fully grasp this concept,  but I believe this to be true without being able to prove it with equations.  I live it everyday.  So do you.

Think about your own life.  Really focus on when you are coming from a place of abundance and unlimited possibilities vs that feeling of scarcity.  One leads to joy and the other leads to fear and darkness.  It just does.  I am pretty sure most of my bad moods or off days begin with me shifting from an attitude of abundance to an attitude of scarcity.

abundance1See?  Even Tony Robbins agrees with me.  So for now, let’s accept this as truth.

If abundance feels so great, why don’t we just stay there?

Excellent question.  It seems so simple, and yet as we go about our every day life, it can be so hard to stay in that place.  Sometimes it is of our own doing.  We have had a great prospect to call about our products or our business, and when we finally gather the courage to make the call, we discover that a rep from the “competition” has beat us to the punch.  I hate that!  At that moment it is so easy to slip into scarcity mode…been there, done that.  Take a step back, there are more people in this world.  More than we could ever need to have a booming business.  I promise you that.

Sometimes it’s other people who make that shift into scarcity for us.  (Yes, I know…we let them, but still.) Ever have one of those conversations that you know isn’t going well?  You aren’t being heard.  You don’t feel supported.  Your positive attitude and excitement are just sucked right out of you.  It feels pretty terrible.  I have been on both ends of those conversations for sure, and neither side leaves you feeling very good.  Having the positive energy drained from you is a drag, and those times where I know I am the positivity sucker might even be worse.  Again, time to redirect.  After a conversation like that, turn around make another phone call to someone else, and make it a point to radiate your positivity to them.  The strangest thing happens, after you feel as though you have been sucked dry, you dig deep, and pour some positivity on someone else, and you are replenished.  Ten fold.

So something to keep in mind:

abundance2Here are 3 Easy Things you can do today to create your Mindset of Abundance

  1. When you feel your mind start moving away from abundance and towards scarcity, just repeat the word “ABUNDANCE.”  It is such a quick way to keep yourself in check and not slip over to the dark side.  Some days I find myself saying this quite a bit, so I know it works!
  2. When resources feel tight, whether it is money or energy or prospects, let some of it go.  Just give it away.  I know this sounds scary, but once you do it once or twice, you will be amazed.
  3. Hit RESET on your perspective.  Take a giant step back and take yourself out of your immediate situation.  Let’s be honest, this world is a huge, awesome, amazing place.  It is filled with billions of opportunities to be happy, rich, or successful.  Focus on those billions of possibilities and you will be in abundance quickly.  So much that you might even be able to envision a full team for YOU and the dastardly competitor who “stole” your last prospect!  :)

Have a beautiful day and live ABUNDANTLY!