Accountability makes All the Difference.

Who says ACCOUNTABILITY is a bad thing?

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A Beautiful Lifestyle makes a Beautiful Life

 Austria…I kinda dig this lifestyle. Last year my daughter and I spent two weeks in Austria while she performed with her dance company.  It was the most incredible trip.  I had studied abroad when I was in college, and I swore I would return every couple of years.  I was there for three months and…

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Virtual business is the answer.

Virtual business Rocks! I don’t have enough time. I can’t keep track of all the follow up. I live in a small town. No one I know is interested in this. All of my family and friends live far away. I can’t travel to build a team. I get nervous talking to people. I don’t…

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MWP | Emma 2014-1

Graduation Day.

Such mixed emotions. Graduation Day.  Here we are.  I have at times tried to figure out ways to avoid you.  Would it really be so wrong to delete my kid’s Latin paper if it meant I could keep her home with me a little longer?  Okay, probably wrong. But today, as I look you, Graduation…

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Keep it Simple.

Let’s not overcomplicate this. You need residual income.  It’s not hard to make that happen. If you have read my blog, you have the tools you need. You have everything you need to start making a plan.  Your plan should fit you and your needs. How involved do you want to be in your business?…

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tax breaks

I smell some Tax Breaks.

The Tax Breaks are phenomenal…and Legal! Don’t underestimate the importance of the tax breaks offered by owning a home based business. My sponsor mentioned this to me when I was learning about my company, but the impact of these tax breaks should have made me sign on the dotted line right then and there.  (For…

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I like the products, can I just be a customer? Why are you talking to me about the business?

The products are great.  But can’t I just be a customer? Of course you can.  The vast majority of my business, and most other NWMers,  is made up of customers.  Remember, a quality NWM company’s primary goal is to move product.   That being said, we need customers, and frankly the more the customers the…

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21 Days. Three Weeks. You can do it.

Everything I have ever read about developing a new habit says that is takes 21 days of doing it daily to make it a new habit for you.  21 days of running before it is a habit.  I recently ran my first half marathon, I have been training for months (i.e. more than 21 days)…

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being rich

Time Leverage Revisited.

This sums up time leverage better than I ever could:

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Let’s talk about Leverage

THE best aspect of Network Marketing is leverage. Leveraging your money. Small start up fee for a potentially huge business.  It doesn’t get simpler than that. In my NWM company, it costs $79 to start up, add in some products and business aids to get started for a total of around $500.  This business offers…

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