Congratulations! You’re an Entreprenuer.

You’ve decided to become an Entrepreneur. Or have you?  Does that word scare you?  It used to scare me.  I always pictured entrepreneurs as successful, charismatic, brilliant people.  People who had amazing ideas, and did things like invent Google.  I for sure didn’t fit into that category, and knew that I probably never would.  As…

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Abundance. Sweet, sweet abundance.

Quantum Physics.  Lesson One. I had to take physics in college.  I hated it.  With a passion.  More than 20 years later and I am still complaining.  Don’t get me started on O-Chem. This lesson will be brief.  According to Quantum Physics, we create the world we exist in with our thoughts.  I have no…

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Getting started with Residual Income.

In case you missed it: You need Residual Income. I told you, I am a broken record.  I know…how many times am I gonna tell you that you need residual income.  Well, until you listen. If you are not yet sold on the fact that you need some residual income, do some research. Watch my…

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Do you live in Peace, Bliss, and Financial Security?

Financial Security Where Are You? My parents grew up in a time when a college education was a coveted treasure that would secure you employment for life, and thereby put you in a position of having financial security.  Back in their day (sorry Mom and Dad), it wasn’t uncommon for someone to spend their entire…

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She Would Have LOVED the idea of Residual Income

Marilyn Monroe and Residual Income…Who knew?? The other day I was using this photo for an ad for one of my other businesses (one that sucks a lot of time and provides me with no residual income, but I digress).  We got to talking about Marilyn Monroe. Admittedly, I know very little of Marilyn Monroe. …

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