Accountability makes All the Difference.

Who says ACCOUNTABILITY is a bad thing?

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A Beautiful Lifestyle makes a Beautiful Life

 Austria…I kinda dig this lifestyle. Last year my daughter and I spent two weeks in Austria while she performed with her dance company.  It was the most incredible trip.  I had studied abroad when I was in college, and I swore I would return every couple of years.  I was there for three months and…

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Graduation Day.

Such mixed emotions. Graduation Day.  Here we are.  I have at times tried to figure out ways to avoid you.  Would it really be so wrong to delete my kid’s Latin paper if it meant I could keep her home with me a little longer?  Okay, probably wrong. But today, as I look you, Graduation…

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Keep it Simple.

Let’s not overcomplicate this. You need residual income.  It’s not hard to make that happen. If you have read my blog, you have the tools you need. You have everything you need to start making a plan.  Your plan should fit you and your needs. How involved do you want to be in your business?…

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21 Days. Three Weeks. You can do it.

Everything I have ever read about developing a new habit says that is takes 21 days of doing it daily to make it a new habit for you.  21 days of running before it is a habit.  I recently ran my first half marathon, I have been training for months (i.e. more than 21 days)…

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being rich

Time Leverage Revisited.

This sums up time leverage better than I ever could:

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It’s all about you.

I am pretty transparent.  Your dreams are up to YOU. If you have spent any time on this website, you know that I believe that your financial destiny is up to you.  It is not up to your boss…he has no allegiance to you whatsoever.  As soon as you no longer serve to build HIS…

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This truly is a Beautiful Business.

Probably wondering where I’ve been. When I say this is a Beautiful Business, I truly mean it. Spring is always a crazy time for our family.  Baseball games, track meets, and school functions as the school year winds down.  This year is particularly busy since I have a graduating senior. While I have been attending…

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I love Mondays

I LOVE Mondays.

  When I was an employee of someone else, I am pretty sure I never loved Mondays.  So why do I love them so much now?  To me every week is filled with possibility.  You never know who you might meet, who you might inspire, who is ready to make changes in their life and…

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Top 5 Reasons to Build Residual Income

5. Time Flexibility Today, like many days, I am running out in the middle of the afternoon to one of my kids’ sporting events.  I never have to miss them because my boss won’t let me go.  I never have to miss them because I need to close THIS deal RIGHT now.  With residual income…

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