MWP | Emma 2014-1

Graduation Day.

Such mixed emotions.

Graduation Day.  Here we are.  I have at times tried to figure out ways to avoid you.  Would it really be so wrong to delete my kid’s Latin paper if it meant I could keep her home with me a little longer?  Okay, probably wrong.

But today, as I look you, Graduation Day, straight in the eye, I am happy to see you.  Happy because she is so happy.  And as any parent knows, there is nothing that makes us happier than a happy child.  So I will choose to embrace you.

A few years ago I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to have one of my little chick-a-dees leave our nest.  Fast forward to today as I watch my SECOND daughter wrap up her high school career.  And with that spread her wings to fly away.

Part of me is devastated.  Privately I have cried buckets over this.  But to be fair, I have been known to cry over TV commercials.

Part of me is thrilled.  And inspired by her.

She’s got it all.

Not necessarily all figured out.  But she’s got it all in front of her.

Watching her fly makes me want to take off right along with her.

But I realize that moving into the dorms with her would be frowned upon.  And I don’t think I could handle the dorms again anyway.

She is armed with the tools she needs to take on the world, and what tools she may be missing, she will acquire along the way.  Keep your head up, my sweet Emma, and look ahead.  See that big, beautiful world out there….that’s where you’re headed….GO GET IT!!!

Can you remember when you felt that way?  Like it was all out there waiting for you to grab it?  Truthfully, I had forgotten, but when I started to dream again, that feeling returned.  And now watching my daughter navigate this phase of her life, it has come strongly to the forefront for me again.  It feels good!  GO GET IT!!

To my daughter:

I have prayed for you every day of your life, even before I met you.  Sometimes I have only prayed for blessings and protection to fall upon you.  Sometimes I plead that things will work out in a certain way for you, because I so love you and want your path to be blessed.  Sometimes those prayers are quickly answered and things go exactly how I had prayed.  Other times, God has had bigger and better plans for you and I am thankful that my prayers went seemingly unanswered…but I’ve always known those prayers were never unheard, and likely were answered… just not in the way I thought might be best.  Lately, my prayers have been simple.  ”Please God love her and direct her on the path you have for her, and thank you God, for letting me be her Mom.  I pray that I have served you well and all that I have poured into this beautiful, compassionate, sweet girl will exemplify you.”

I send you out into the world, Emma, but I trust you know that you will never be far from me.  Not only in my heart, but in my prayers too.  And on my Facetime.  And my Instagram.  And my FB.  And my Snapchat.