It’s all about you.

I am pretty transparent.  Your dreams are up to YOU.

If you have spent any time on this website, you know that I believe that your financial destiny is up to you.  It is not up to your boss…he has no allegiance to you whatsoever.  As soon as you no longer serve to build HIS financial destiny, you are worthless to him.  It is not up to the government.  I probably don’t need to explain that any further.  It is not up to your friends, or co-workers, or even your spouse.  It is up to you.  Entirely up to you.

You alone determine what you are worth.  You alone determine what defines meaning in your life.  You alone determine where you will end up financially.  Maybe you have already come to understand this; maybe this a struggle for you to accept.  You have seen what happens when you leave your financial security up to others.  You already understand that “the man” wants less for you than you want for yourself.  You understand it, but you’re not sure what to do about it.  YET.

Here is what YOU do.  Your dreams are depending on YOU.

You take control.  You do your research, and make a plan that benefits YOU, and truthfully this plan may not benefit your current employer.  Don’t lose any sleep over it, he will get over it.  You decide what you want from life…what are your dreams?  How much money do you need to make those dreams a reality?  How many hours in a day/week/month/year do you want to devote to living out those dreams.  The only person that can answer these questions is you.

Spend some time thinking about those questions.  Most people may struggle to come up with answers, because it has been so long since they felt like dreaming.  It is a sad reality that many of us have just decided to keep forging ahead, head down, forcing themselves to be happy with their situation because changing seems impossible.  It’s not.  I promise you, it is not impossible if you really want to make a change and get more out of life, there’s a way to do it.

Start right now.  Fill in the contact form below and let me know what you want.  Do you need more information?  Or are you ready to start making a plan that will work for you?  Tell me in the comments section, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.  This is up to you, but I can help!