Let’s talk about Leverage

THE best aspect of Network Marketing is leverage.

Leveraging your money.

Small start up fee for a potentially huge business.  It doesn’t get simpler than that.

In my NWM company, it costs $79 to start up, add in some products and business aids to get started for a total of around $500.  This business offers the potential to build a multi-million dollar business in 5-10 years….for a $500 start up fee.   Even if you don’t achieve that level of success, that $500 start up money will make you profits quickly and consistently.

I purchased a brick and mortar small business and I am into it for about $25K…and I got a great deal.  Not only is it not a million dollar business now, it never will be.  I have purchased over a million dollars in real estate over the years.  Although real estate is another fantastic way to leverage your investment capital, even those properties are not bringing in profits equivalent to what I could generate from a multi-million dollar network marketing (NWM) business.

If you have ever wanted to own your own business, the financial leverage available to you via Network Marketing is unsurpassed in my opinion.  Not only is the start up fee low, but what you get in return for that start up fee is worth far more than your entry fee.  You have all the shipping taken care of for you, all of the credit card payments are done for you, the product knowledge is all there, the literature and marketing materials are all done for you at an incredibly nominal charge.  Speaking as a small business owner, these things are invaluable to you.  Trust me.

All you have to do to get started generating profit is use your company’s product, learn the basics behind it, and then start recommending it to other people.

NWM is a steal, there is nothing else like it.  Where else can you leverage $500 into a potential million dollar business?

Leveraging your time.

This is the beauty of building a team.  When you sign up with a NWM company, your sponsor trains you how to begin building your business.  They are your coach and your mentor.  They want to help you succeed, because that helps them become more successful.  You then sponsor and train a team to do exactly what you do.  They go out into the marketplace and sell products as you do the same.  (Please note that I emphasize that you are doing the same thing.  This is not about you sitting around doing nothing while your team works hard for you to collect a bunch of money.  I know that is the vision that a lot of people have of this industry, but any company worth its salt has carefully designed a compensation plan to discourage this.)  As you work together as a team, you benefit from the collective efforts of the team that you have sponsored and trained.

Think of it this way…let’s say on a Tuesday afternoon you make $500 in sales.  You have trained your team to do the same thing.  Imagine if you were all out on that same Tuesday afternoon doing the same thing.  You would be getting paid on thousands and thousands of dollars of sales, not just the $500 in sales that you made!  You are essentially paid for the collaborative hours of your team, even though you only personally worked a fraction of them.  That is time leverage at its finest.

Once you have a team in place and begin leveraging your time, your business is now cranking out incredible profits.

Small Business Owners know my pain!

The amount of time and energy that I put into my other brick and mortar business for far less pay off is painful!  I am in the business alone, no one has my back, and my success or failure sits on my shoulders.  The stress is high, and the profits are low.  The good news is since I am profiting from my network marketing business, I can occasionally float my other business as necessary.

So, as far as leveraging capital investment and time and energy, NWM runs circles around small business.  I know many small business owners who have added network marketing to their repertoire because of the leverage they have with it, and because NWM is a dependable source of cash flow for when their other business might need it.  The flexibility you have with NWM cash flow is remarkable, and adds a new dimension to your wealth building strategies.

Does this kind of leverage appeal to you?  Fill in the form below and let’s talk!