I like the products, can I just be a customer? Why are you talking to me about the business?

The products are great.  But can’t I just be a customer?

Of course you can.  The vast majority of my business, and most other NWMers,  is made up of customers.  Remember, a quality NWM company’s primary goal is to move product.   That being said, we need customers, and frankly the more the customers the better.  So if that is where you best see yourself fitting into my organization, you won’t get any flack from me.  Promise.

But…I am talking to you about the business because I respect you and would like to work with you.

Let’s just think this through for a minute.  If you have found a product that you love, isn’t it likely you would be telling your friends about it?  So what if you told your best friend about it, and she was interested in using the product too?  If you could show her how to purchase the product, and maybe even receive a discount, would you be willing to do that?  When you do that, you will be compensated by the company as a thank you for introducing them to a new customer.  Now, what if your sister wanted to try it?  Your mother?  Your co-worker?  You get the picture.

This can all be done without a huge commitment on your end.  You are just telling people about something you have found and like, and if they are interested, you can point them in the direction of getting some too.

Why not find other people just like you?

Chances are most of the people you introduce to the product will just want to buy some.  They may never mention it to anyone.  But then again, they might…

See how this is working?

Now as they talk to their circle of friends, maybe one of them mentions it to someone.

Now just imagine what can happen if you run across someone who is looking to make some extra money, or just lost their job, or is trying to figure out how to pay college tuition?  They already love the products, and now they realize they have a vehicle to solve their problems.  This person might really want to run with this opportunity.  Meanwhile, you are getting a commission on all these people, because they are all tied back to you.  Now that your commission is getting larger, you may even feel more motivated to share with more people.

It’s funny how that usually happens.  I still get a kick out of watching this transformation from customer to business partner.

Remember the beauty of the business model.

It is the sum of a lot of people doing a little bit.  Your business will grow exponentially just by finding other people who love the products and just want to be a customer.  If you feel that way, surely there are lots of others who feel the same way.

A very hearty, and financially lucrative, business can be built upon a framework of customers who are just buying products for their family.  You are not necessarily looking for lots of people who are buying tons of product.

You can share with enough people to make enough money to pay for all of your own products.  Or you can go a lot bigger than that.

What really “defines” someone who is building a business.

I think most people have the idea that the only people who are building businesses with NWM companies are huge marketers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The most successful business builders are the ones sharing the products with people they think might like them.  Along the way, they find someone else just like them.  Some will share the products with a lot of people, some will share with their family and friends, and some will play all out and become a huge marketer.  The point is, all of these people are building a business, just going about it in a different way.  In a way that works for THEM.

So, yes, you can absolutely “just be a customer.”  I’m good with that, but now that you see how it works, are you good with that?

So now you get it…if you like the products, there is no reason not to consider the option of starting your own NWM business!  Do you want to talk more about this?