She Would Have LOVED the idea of Residual Income


Marilyn Monroe and Residual Income…Who knew??

The other day I was using this photo for an ad for one of my other businesses (one that sucks a lot of time and provides me with no residual income, but I digress).  We got to talking about Marilyn Monroe.

Admittedly, I know very little of Marilyn Monroe.  I really haven’t seen many of her movies, just clips from her films here and there.  I have seen the more well known interview pieces, and of course the famous (infamous?) birthday serenade for President Kennedy.  My opinion of her was based solely on these few references.

One of my friends started sharing some really interesting information about her that she learned from a documentary biography.  Marilyn apparently had an IQ significantly above average, and reportedly higher than President Kennedy’s.  She was an avid reader, took night classes at UCLA, and left behind an impressive library with thoughtful and interesting commentary in the margins.  She didn’t care for the typecasting she had received and actually went back to New York and England to study acting, very intensely.  She was someone who was constantly striving to better herself, and had even started her own film company in an attempt to make a way for her to film more serious, dramatic roles.  She was at odds with how Hollywood portrayed her and was tenaciously attempting to change her path.

Sound Familiar?

After seeing Marilyn Monroe in this light, I have found a new kinship with her.  :)  I had no idea that she was fighting to find a better place for herself and trying to forge a trail that felt more authentic for her.  Bravo, Marilyn, Bravo!!

This is not unlike the path many of us “entrepreneurial” type people travel.  Marilyn’s story sounds familiar to me because it is not unlike what I have experienced while creating a stream of residual income to change my family’s path.  Fighting the stigma of “doing something different” or “making money THAT way” has been an uphill battle at times.

We frequently hear that what we want to do won’t work, or we shouldn’t try something because it goes against most people’s belief system.  I think society in general has just decided to take the path of least resistance, head down and hope for the best.  Well, not Marilyn Monroe, and not me either.

Residual Income Offers So Much More

Here is how I see it.  If living paycheck to paycheck is comfortable for you and it is getting you where you want to be, awesome, maybe you aren’t looking to establish a stream of residual income.  I am happy for you!  No doubt, that is an easier path, and if it is working for you, that’s a win/win.

But truthfully, I don’t know many of those people.  I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who, on the surface, are happy with where they are financially and where they are headed.  They tell me all the time, “I couldn’t do what you do, I don’t have the time,” or, “I think it’s great that you do that, but I don’t need something like that.”  Okay.  I’m cool with that.

BUT spend a little more time with these people and really listen to what they say without even realizing it.

“Oh my gosh, my brakes need to be fixed, and there is no way I can swing that right now.”

“We don’t qualify for any financial aid, so that college is not an option for my daughter, even though it is her first choice.”

“It must be nice to go to Hawaii for Spring Break, we could never afford to do that!”

“My credit card bill is ridiculous.”

Let’s be like Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe recognized that she didn’t have to settle for what Hollywood was giving her.  She was willing to put in the time and the effort to create a better situation for herself.  Sadly, it hadn’t come to fruition for her before her death, but I am willing to bet that given the time, her efforts would have paid off.  I wonder what her legacy would have been if they had?

Why not create a new path for yourself and your family?  It really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be, and trust me, there have been many people who have forged the path ahead of you.  In our industry, the path has not only been forged for you, there are hands outstretched along the way to help you.  There is plenty of opportunity for all of us, I follow a path that isn’t overcrowded, and won’t ever be.  And honestly, the people I am traveling with are having a blast on this frontier.

Like Marilyn Monroe, we all have the capability of changing our destination…the question really is, are you willing to do it?  Let’s be like Marilyn!

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