A Beautiful Lifestyle makes a Beautiful Life

IMG_0806 Austria…I kinda dig this lifestyle.

Last year my daughter and I spent two weeks in Austria while she performed with her dance company.  It was the most incredible trip.  I had studied abroad when I was in college, and I swore I would return every couple of years.  I was there for three months and it was the best three months of my college career.  I saw and experienced so many things, but there was still so much more to see.  I had left a part of my heart in Europe and I knew that I would return often.

Fast Forward to real life.

Yup. You guessed it, I graduated from college, and went to dental school.  I got married.  I graduated from dental school and went to work.  And then I had a baby…and then three more.  I never made it back to Europe.  My life, as awesome as it was, had gotten in the way.  I couldn’t possibly leave my dental practice for long enough to make the trip worthwhile.

My husband and I dreamed of traveling to wonderful places with our children.  It had always been a goal of ours, and yet we couldn’t seem to make it happen.  We were just like everyone else, hanging on, trying to get through life…there had to be more.

I finally made it back…

Sharing the experience with my daughter was incredible.  It was worth the wait.  We were finally in a place in our lives where we could afford the expense and the time off for the trip.  I left my “job” at home, made incredible memories in Austria, Germany, and Italy (Lilly actually spent her 14th birthday in Venice!), and when I came home I had a paycheck waiting for me in the bank.  That is the definition of time freedom.

I count the blessings that my business has given me, but it is times like this that make me realize the greatest gift of all isn’t the money I make, but the lifestyle my residual income has afforded me. It truly is priceless.

Do you have the time and financial freedom to live life on your terms?  Do you want to?  I can help.