Network Marketing gets a bad rap.

Network Marketing, Oh how I love Thee.

Don’t be scared.  Eight years ago, I would never have imagined I would say such a thing, but here I am singing the praises of network marketing. By now you may know that NWM (Network Marketing) plays a major role in my residual income portfolio.  I entered my NWM company thinking it was a means to an end (helping me to raise capital for more real estate) but it has become the most profitable portion of my portfolio.  It is also the piece of my residual income puzzle that offers the most flexibility and fastest increase in cash flow.  If I need to increase my monthly income to cover an unexpected expense, the first place I turn is to my NWM business.

Over the years I have become a huge proponent of network marketing.  I am going to explain why in this blog post.  Some of you will still be turned off by the thought of entering NWM, and that’s okay, you can find another way to generate residual income, it’s all good.  But my hope is that most of you will start thinking of NWM in a new way, and do more research, and may see things the same way I do, and that is that NWM offers the most accessible means of generating residual income.

Objection, Your Honor!

Objection Number One: It’s a Pyramid Scheme.

Yup, I’ve heard this one about a million times, okay, maybe not a million, but a lot.  What this usually means is that people are afraid that some people get to sit around and do nothing while still collecting a bunch of money at the expense of the people “underneath them.”  Hey, doesn’t that sound like a CEO in a large corporation?  Why yes, it does.

Here is why this doesn’t describe NWM companies: first of all, if you work harder than your sponsor, you will make more money, and can pass them up in compensation and title.  Secondly, your sponsor gets a small percentage of your sales as a “thank you” for introducing you to the company, but YOU make the biggest percentage of any sales commission.

Legitimate NWM companies market real products with true marketplace demand, don’t pay their reps for recruitment, sign up fees or coaching and training,  and pay commissions based upon product sales and distribution.

If you are still unsure and are looking to do your research, I would suggest starting with www.dsa.org which is the Direct Selling Association and the governing board of the industry.

Objection Number Two: You can only make money if you get in early with a company.

Hmmmm.  This is just wrong.  My personal company is over 30 years old and still has only 1% brand awareness.  There is loads of growth potential in my company and most others, especially if they have been around awhile.  Because NWM start ups are just like start ups in any other business, I personally would rather join a company with a proven track record vs. a new company, because of the high failure rate in the early years.  Do your research and choose a company that meets your own criteria.

Objection Number Three: Network Marketing is saturated.

Whaaaat????  Again, this is just wrong.  For one thing, many NWM companies try to target consumable products which need to be reordered, thereby making it impossible to saturate the market.  (You can make another sale without necessarily having to find a new customer.) They are also in tune with their market and constantly innovating their product lines to keep the consumer engaged and wanting more.

If you are thinking you can’t join a specific company because “absolutely everyone I know is already doing it,” I would call you on that too.  The truth is there are more than enough customers for all of us.  Our population is ever changing, new consumers are entering the market and sadly older ones are dying, so there is constant change in the customer base.  Additionally, the idea that huge numbers of people will all join the exact same company around the exact same time is kind of crazy.  Not gonna happen.

You can relax…nowhere near saturated, no matter what company or product you are considering.

Objection Number Four: I am not like those Network Marketing People.

Okay, truthfully, I have heard this several times.  Should I be offended?

Well, here is my take on it.  I approach my NWM with the same professionalism that I approached my dental practice.  I put sincere effort into it, and it pays me a serious income.  I am not pushy, I am not obnoxious.  I present my NWM company’s products and business opportunity as a solution to a customer’s need, the same way I presented a root canal as a solution to my patients suffering from a dental infection.  Sometimes people see my products as a solution for them, and sometimes they don’t.  Sometimes my patients saw a root canal as the best solution for their pain, sometimes they didn’t and they opted for an extraction or no treatment at all.  The point is, I didn’t make the decision for them in either case, because I am not one of those Network Marketing people.

People will respond to your NWM business dependent upon how professionally you present it to them.  It’s up to you.

Objection Number Five: I don’t have time.

Well, neither did I.  I had four kids.  And between those four kids we were involved in every activity ever invented.  We weren’t getting where we wanted to be financially, and I couldn’t work any more hours at my dental practice, and I couldn’t give my kids away to free up some more time.  :)  NWM allowed me to leverage my time in a way that dentistry didn’t.  In fact, if you don’t have time to do something, you should be looking at NWM as a way to free up more time to do the things you love, like cart your kids across every square inch of your town.  Every. Single. Day.

You can work NWM into the nooks and crannies of your day.  I have some people on my team who also work full time jobs, and I have others who work NWM full time.  You can accomplish more with NWM in few hours than you can in any other business.  You can work NWM full time or part time, that is up to you.  What you can’t do is work it sometimes and expect results.  As long as you are consistently devoting time to your NWM, you will have success.

Objection Number Six: I don’t want to make money off of my friends and family.

I hear you on this one.  I really do.  Remember when I compared offering my products to offering my dental services.  My friends and family were my patients too.  If they needed a root canal I still offered it to them, even though they were my friends.  They still needed a root canal, didn’t they?  Wouldn’t they rather have me do it, and get the best treatment I could offer, as opposed to having a dentist they didn’t know do it?

The same thing holds true in NWM.  If your friends and family are already spending money on a product like the one you market, and the one you market is better quality or better value, wouldn’t your friends and family rather buy a better product from you and benefit everyone?  I think so.  Sometimes friends and family are reluctant…they may have some of the same objections that I just covered.  That’s okay.  It’s your job to offer, it’s their job to decide.  Period.

And PLEASE don’t turn every family event into a sales pitch.  That makes all NWMers look bad.  Once your family knows what you are doing with your NWM company, let it go.  If they don’t want to support you, dry your tears, and go find another customer.  Badgering them at Thanksgiving dinner will never convince them that they were wrong.

Objection Number Seven: Nobody ever succeeds with one of those things.

Wrong.  I have.  I have lots of friends who have too. I also have friends who started their NWM business and didn’t stick with it long enough to make money.  I can’t guarantee who will make money and who won’t.

Despite what you have heard, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes work and discipline, but the pay off is worth it.  Most of the people who failed in NWM just quit too soon.  The other people who NEVER SUCCEED and NEVER MAKE MONEY are the people who NEVER START.  That I can guarantee.

It is up to you now.  You need to do your research.  I am happy to answer any questions you might have, please feel free to contact me!