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Network Marketing is Perfect Business for Baby Boomers who don’t want to Retire.


Who wouldn’t want to retire?

Maybe it’s a little hard to imagine not wanting to or not being able to retire.  A recent Gallup poll showed that less than 27% of Baby Boomers will retire before the age of 64, and only another 24% are planning to retire at 65.  A whopping 39% plan to work past the age of 66 and believe it or not, there are 10% who say they will never retire!

So, what’s the deal?  As a group, Baby Boomers have defined spending and social trends since their birth, and now they continue to do so with retirement.

Financial planners use a 4-4.5% rule of thumb when analyzing retirement finances.  If you have a $1M retirement portfolio, you can plan to withdraw $40,000-45,0000 a year without compromising your principle.  Many boomers don’t want to cut back to that level, as they don’t find it adequate to finance the retirement dreams they once envisioned.  How much travel can you squeeze in on a $40K lifestyle?  Establishing a steam of residual income at this stage in life makes tremendous financial sense.

And of course, there are huge numbers of Boomers who don’t have that million dollar portfolio to begin with.

At first glance the obvious assumption is that Boomers can’t afford to retire, and that may be largely true.  However, it’s not just a lack of financial security that is keeping Boomers in the workforce.  A very large number of them are frightened of boredom.

After spending decades in the work force or at home raising children and taking care of the home front, many are reluctant to leave behind the camaraderie and accolades that have come to define them over the years.  The idea of a life of golf or fishing may seem exciting for a few weeks, but not for months or years on end.  Once again, the Boomers are defining the social aspects of our lives.

Hybrid Retirement: Network Marketing fits in beautifully.

There is a new trend developing with the Boomers, that of a “hybrid retirement.”  Sort of a combination of working and retiring.  Many boomers have found jobs that are not nearly as restrictive as their previous job, but still allow them to interact and participate in the work force.  Network marketing is the perfect business for Baby Boomers who don’t want to retire completely.

They are finding that the  flexible hours are allowing them best of both worlds, still working to some degree, still bringing in income, but still allowing them the time to spend with the grand kids or hit the links.  Many have left their previous industry completely and are working at jobs that they find to more fulfilling than what they had been doing in their previous career.

Network Marketing could not be a better fit for a hybrid retiree.  Building a business within a network marketing company is challenging and rewarding.  It is a business model that doesn’t require a large start up fee, allows you to grow your own income, and reach down to build, grow, and nurture your own team.  Experience rich boomers find that this forum allows them to share/utilize the skills they have acquired over their lifetime, and not only benefit themselves financially, but truly impact the generations behind them.  It is not uncommon to find boomers building their fortunes alongside their children and grandchildren.

Top 5 reasons boomers need me:

1.  I can show them how to use network marketing to accumulate risk-free wealth in large enough increments to help them retire comfortably when the time comes.

2. I can offer them a business with very low start up fee, allowing them to hugely leverage their investment.

3. I can show them how to generate massive principle-less income by marketing consumer products, not relying on the interest from other financial instruments.

4. I can help them to utilize their life skills in a teaching nurturing way to help the next generation, and truly make an impact.

5. I can help them to build something that not only provides for them financially, but keeps them active and most importantly keeps them from getting bored.

Are you a boomer who is needs this information?  Or do you know someone who is?  Fill out the form below and I will get you all the information you need to evaluate whether or not this makes sense for you.  I look forward to hearing from you!