This truly is a Beautiful Business.

Probably wondering where I’ve been.

When I say this is a Beautiful Business, I truly mean it.

Spring is always a crazy time for our family.  Baseball games, track meets, and school functions as the school year winds down.  This year is particularly busy since I have a graduating senior.

While I have been attending my daughters’ track meets and my son’s baseball games, and being PROM MOM (yes, I am that mom that just posted her son and daughter’s picture on her blog), I let a few things in my business slide.  I haven’t blogged in awhile, yeah, I know you missed me!  :)  But guess what?!?  The money from my residual income business, still came in.  I still made money even though I wasn’t working my business.

prom emma brooks

This doesn’t happen overnight, but this is what happens when you build a stream of passive income.  Don’t wait, it’s time to get started!