What’s with all the HYPE?


Sadly it happens way too often.

Building residual income is great.  It’s awesome.  It can be the tool that takes you and your family to where you always you dreamed you would be financially.  It really can.  However, I often get push back from people when I am trying to share this strategy with them.  Their eyes glaze over and I can tell they have completely checked out.  Chances are they have already talked to someone about residual income and all they got from that conversation was a lot of hype.

Sadly, this happens way too often.  Here’s why.

There is incredible potential in building residual income.  That is a proven fact.  Unfortunately, as people begin their careers in residual income, their hopes and dreams are huge.  They have huge aspirations.  They have heard about that one person who went from broke to making six figures in six months, and they just know that is going to happen for them too!  They are on fire and they are telling anyone and everyone who will listen.  The problem is, they haven’t yet done ANYTHING to set their goals in motion.  And they really, really need someone to believe in them, so they completely oversell it to anyone they talk to.

If I’ve seen this once, I’ve seen it a hundred times.

Try to cut them some slack, they are just really excited…kind of like your kids the first day they get a new puppy.  “This is the best dog ever, I am going to feed it and brush it every day, and walk it, walk it all day, everyday.”  Until that first night and the puppy needs to go outside in the dark hours, and it’s like the kids have never heard of that puppy.   Or the first time the back lawn requires clean up duty, suddenly this puppy is a lot of work.

Ready for the truth?

I am a straight shooter.  I love my business.  I love everything about my business.  But there are days when it is really hard.  Maybe the property I was hoping to purchase falls through, or maybe one of my team members in my network marketing business quits.  These are all setbacks, but the big picture is worth pushing through the tough times.

Can you make money doing what I do?  Absolutely.  I am proof of that.  But let’s be really clear about this.  You will make as much money as you work, not want, to make.  There is a lot freedom in building residual income, but it can’t happen by itself.  It will take work.  It will take time.  Sorry, but there is no way around this.

It always makes me laugh when I am interviewing a potential new team member for my NWM team.  When I ask them what their goals are, it is so common to hear, “I want to be making six figures.”  Okay, and when would you like that to happen?  “I would like to be making that much in six months…or maybe a year.”  Oh my, they’ve bought in to the hype of network marketing.  Bye, bye.

Can you make six figures in NWM?  Absolutely.

Can you do it in six months, or a year?  Probably not.

There have been extraordinary people who have done it, yes, but I know some of them, and they have lived, eaten, and breathed their network marketing business for those months.  They’ve gone without sleep, haven’t had dinner with their families in weeks, and are working harder than they have worked in any job before.  THESE PEOPLE ARE INCREDIBLY RARE.  If you are one of these people, you can do it too, but the vast majority of people are simply not willing to work that hard.  No judgement, I’m not willing to do it either.

But what about real estate investing?  Can I do it faster that way?  Maybe.  I am sure that there are many properties out there that would generate that kind of residual income, and it might be a quicker way to do it….IF you have the serious capital necessary to purchase a property like that.  Most people do not have that kind of seed money ready to go.  If you do…rock on, you’ve got this!  :)

No doom and gloom here.

It’s all good.  It’s all doable.  Just be realistic.  If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I still have found no better way to bring in a stream of passive income than what I am currently doing, and I plan on doing it for years to come.  I have figured the system out, and I have patience.  The best part about this is it is not an all or nothing deal.  You want to make big money?  Great.  Make a plan and get started.  You will start making some money right away and it will grow to the level you are dreaming about.  But month after month until you get to your final goal, you will still be making money!

This is why I always call this a Beautiful Business…immense potential, little risk, and rewards along the way.  Do NOT get me started on the intangible rewards that have absolutely nothing to do with money.  That will have to be a whole nother blog post!

Ready to jump in???  Come on, the water’s nice!  :)





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    Reply Reply September 22, 2014

    I was recommendd this blog by my cousin.
    I’mnot sure whether this post is written byy him as noo onee else
    know such detailed about my trouble. You’re incredible!

    • Karen Hollister

      Reply Reply September 22, 2014

      Nope, it was written by me! You are very welcome, thanks for stopping by! Karen

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